Regarding our scope of activity we have faced many projects which required many bulk materials beside our main scope of products (Line Break Valves and Manual valves of piping project). Therefore, we arranged a new division to supply number of different materials of these kinds of projects such as Bulk materials like pipe itself, fitting, flanges, and elbows and soon.

In this regard beside Petro Batis CO Technical Team we cooperate with our joint venture company to provide the best services for our respectful customers.



  • Overview of Piping Industry
  • Engineering & Pipe Engineer Role to Industry
  • Industry types & Projects Involved
  • Documents Involved
  • Pipe –Manufacturing Methods, End types & Joining types
  • Pipe Materials – Importance & Selection Criteria
  • Fittings – Importance & Selection Criteria
  • Controls Involved – Importance, Types & Selection Criteria
  • ۲D Representation – Fittings & Valves
  • Equipments – Types, Importance & Selection Criteria
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Other Products

Besides Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries we are active in other industries such as Mining, Metal production, and so on

Soon with more products and services!