Much beyond an Agency

We perform a consultative selling, offering solutions to our clients needs. Our enviable infrastructure and the cumulative technical expertise gathered over the years set us apart from the competitors.

Technology Backed

Technology had always been a priority at Petro Batis.A professionally qualified team manages the State-of-the-art ERP systems which has been tailor made to match the business process of our company.

The ERP System helps us to plan,implement,monitor and manage the overall business activities effectively.

World Class Brands

We supply services with high quality products from the world class manufacturers , leveraging substantial stocks to make the material available to the contractors & end users on time, every time.

Proud to Outperform

We are a professionally managed company striving to achieve exceptional results through innovative business strategies , passionate work culture & unwavering commitment towards our customers.

Investing in Human Assets

We realize the importance of investing in our employee’s training and development in order to achieve the standard of excellence.

Our employees undertake Training programs,both locally&internationally to enhance their Knowledge,Skills&Competencies.

The regular trainings help them to sharpen and update their technical knowledge,business skills,new product enhancements,technology developments and Industry trends.

Valuing Business Integrity

At Petro Batis,we place great importance on Corporate Ethics and Business Integrity.As a result,we take conscious efforts in promoting ethical behaviour by nurturing a culture of business integrity.

Petro Batis Company

At Petro Batis,we offer Engineering equipments ,supplies and value added services with the help of world-renowned & approved brands and a team of professionally qualified & dedicated individuals.

Petro Batis’s state-of-the-art Stocking , Testing & Repair facilities enables us to meet our clients urgent & shutdown requirements effectively.Today, we are a preferred vendor for all the local and International Oil &Gas and Construction companies in the Middle East.